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Any correspondence or enquiries with the club should be directed to Christine at bdolphinchris@aol.com.

There is now a waiting list for people wishing to join our club at Queensbury. Anyone wishing to join should contact Christine on 07789 040937.

Latest Club News

28th July 2015
Entries for B & D Gala 1, A & W Gala 3, Dolphin Gala 2 and the next Rising Stars need to be in ASAP as the galas are all held in September.

Entries for B & D and A & W Galas need to be in 4 weeks before the gala date, Dolphin Gala and Rising Stars are approx 1 week before gala date. Entries for all the galas can be made now using our Online Gala Entry system.

Also, all the PB's set at the recent Rising Stars gala are now updated on the PB Database.

17th July 2015
The last training session before our summer break will be Wednesday 22nd July, returning on 1st September.

Also, the results of the recent Rising Stars gala are now available here.